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Prazi Gold
Treatment for internal and external parasites like flukes, tapeworm, flatworm
Safe for scaleless fishes and plants

EIHO Prazi Gold eliminates a large vary of internal and external parasites. Such parasites embody flukes and heartworms within the internal organs of fishes.

During early infestation, there aren’t any obvious symptoms. However, these parasites are commonest in imported or fishes caught within the wild, also as fishes fed with live food. Symptoms of serious infestation in fishes include:

• Grossly skinny body or swollen belly
• Loss of appetency and restlessness
• Black spots on body (caused by flukes)
• Pop-eye syndrome (caused by flukes)
• Lose control over movement

Prazi Gold is a straightforward to use liquid and provides effective and quick treatment. The formulation is non-toxic to all fishes and plants.

1 cap (5ml) for 50L. Shake well before use. take away active carbon throughout treatment. every treatment will last five days. For persistent infection or to get rid of rising larvae, further dose may be administered on the third and sixth day. are often used as a preventative by adding 5ml for seventy five liters every ten days.

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