Jebao SCP-50 SINE Cross Flow Wave Maker Flow Pump

Jebao brand wavemakers are the only cost effective and reliable wave makers available for the aquarists on a budget. The cross flow pumps provide high water turnover and eliminated dead spots.


Jebao/Jecod SCP-50 SINE Cross Flow Type Wave Maker Pumps 

Jebao SCP series is the newest 2020 cross flow design pump. The new SCP is the most silent cross flow pump to date using sine wave technlogy.  The 2020 Jebao Cross Flow Pumps provide Master & Slave Wireless Control to enable synchronization of multi pumps with one controller

SCP 50 Model: For tanks up to 50cm wide

The pump includes a latest generation sine wave technology mode controller that and has several wave functions

Wave makers also help to create natural wave patters observed in the reef and mimic similar environment in your reef tanks. They also eliminate dead spots in your aquarium which is very important to the corals in your tank as the waste that they produce during respiration needs to be carried away from the tissue and to your filtration system.
Lack of water circulation can cause oxygen deprivation and suffocate corals, while unidirectional current can cause the coral to become irritated and, thus to close up. Wave makers help to eliminate these problems and enhance the health and growth of your tank inhabitants.

Jebao new SCP-50 wave pump circulation pump 12W 1500-5000L / H coral tank mini aquarium surfing pump for 8MM glass

Product Specifications:
• Stronger magnet base to fit tank glass
• Energy efficient low voltage motor
• Rubber magnetic base feet minimises vibration and noise
• Easy installation and assembly and dissembly for maintenance
• No exposed copper elements
• One touch Feed Mode
• High performance, powerful, water flow combined with low energy
• Ceramic shaft for long life and durability
• Extra-long cable for ease and comfort of placement, even on larger tanks
• Low voltage, safe, reliable power supply
• Self protective function, when no water is detected turning off the pump
• Suitable for both Marine and Freshwater applications

Package Includes:

• 1 x Jebao SCP-50  SINE Cross Flow Pump
• 1 x  Inteligent Controller
• 1 x Plug Adaptor
• 1 x Instruction Manual

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