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Brightwell Aquatics KoralColor
Encourages Increased Coloration through Biochrome production in Corals, Clams, & their Allies

  • Widely used by professional coral farmers along with CoralAmino and Restor for coloration
  • Provides numerous elements important to the formation of various biochromes
    (biological pigments), complex molecules that give coloration to plant and animal cells
    through their selective color-absorption and -reflection characteristics.
  • Formulated specifically to provide trace quantities of elements for gradual incorporation
    into, and formation of, biochromes known to occur within zooxanthellae, such as
    chlorophylls a and c, beta carotene, and xanthophylls.
  • Does not influence population density of zooxanthellae, which would put the overall
    health and survival of the host organism in a precarious situation.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist.

Brightwell Aquatics products are formulated by marine scientists. All Brightwell products are manufactured in the USA, their goal is simply to provide the absolute highest quality, scientifically sound products for the aquaria. Brightwell products are formulated based upon the latest information and utilize the highest purity ingredients in concentrations that provide the most use to the aquarist. Brightwell Aquatics are available in Sri Lanka at A R Exotics Aquarium (www.arexotics.com) with a wide selection of other products  to suit all types of aquarists.

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