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Salifert is a well reputed brand in the salt water/ marine aquarium industry.  The products are manufactured in  Holland. It was rated as the top performing test kit in terms or accuracy, ease of use, reliability and price among most of its test kits on the 2019 Bulk Reef Supply Best Test Kit comparison program. In Sri Lanka, A R exotics is the only distributor of genuine Salifert branded products for marine aquarium and other uses.

Easily test the pH level in your tank. Trusted by advanced hobbyists for years, Salifert Test Kits feature some of the easiest to read and accurate results available to each testing method. The Salifert PH Test Kit contains 50 tests. Range pH 7.4-8.6.


Salifert pH Profi-Test

  • The pH value in a marine tank has a major impact on the growth of corals and calcareous algae and on many biological processes. The pH should not be allowed to fluctuate more than approx. 0.2 units during any 24 hour period and should preferably be kept above 8.2.
  • If the pH is too low then the cause may be a too low alkalinity and/or a build up of carbon dioxide caused by insufficient aeration
  • A low pH can be corrected by improving aeration and by increasing the alkalinity.
  • The Salifert Test Kit is sufficiently accurate to monitor minor pH fluctuations and is scaled from pH 7.4–8.7.
  • For marine water only.
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