Red Sea Internal Protein Skimmer RSK 900


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Red Sea brand is one the most trusted brands in the aquarium industry, Unlike other companies this 25 year old company is dedicated for the marine and reef aquariums providing high quality and reliable products. Red Sea brand has the most comprehensive list of in house products for the marine hobbyists starting from aquarium salts, reef aquariums, coral food, supplements, marine lights, protein skimmers, dosing pumps, wave makers and the list goes on. Red Sea tanks are currently the best marine tanks in the world made of high quality ultra clear glass and finish unmatched by competitors. A R Exotics (ARX)  is introduced Red Sea products to Sri Lanka since 2018 as acts as sole dealer for the complete line of Red Sea products in Sri Lanka.

Red Sea RSK  900 Internal Protein Skimmer 

Light Bioload – 2800 Liters
Medium Bioload – 1900 Liters
Heavy Bioload (most common) – 900 liters

Red Sea Reefer Internal Protein Skimmers are designed with the hobbyist needs in mind. From quiet rubber feet, a robust air silencer, and not to mention the FoamView window with built a built-in manual neck cleaner, all which are focused towards easier maintenance along with a quieter reef tank. Starting at the top, Red Sea’s Reefer Skimmers now include a built-in neck cleaner that can be manually turned to remove any build-up from the walls of the neck, while the integrated FoamView window lets you see how the foam is collecting in the neck. Along with the included cup-drain tube, emptying the collection cup is only requires a turn of a valve, and is also super easy to connect to an external waste collector. Moving down, every Red Sea Reefer Skimmer includes a Sicce PSK pump for enhanced performance and reliability that pushes a balanced amount of air and water through the hydrodynamically efficient bubble diffuser setting them up for a turbulent free ride into the collection cup.

  • Integrated Manual Neck Cleaner
  • High Flow Air Silencer
  • Simple to Maintain and Disassemble
  • Easy to Tune Water Level Control
  • Vibration Reducing Feet and Connectors
  • Includes Collection Cup Drain Line & Valve
  • Multiple Pump Orientations for Sumps with Tight Spaces

Footprint* – 11.4″ x 10.6″ or 12.6″ x 9.4″
Height – 23″
Recommended Water Height – 8″ – 9″
Air Flow – 900 LPH (235 GPH)
Water Flow – 2000 LPH (530 GPH)
*Footprint can be changed depending on the pumps orientation inside of the skimmer body

What’s Included?
1x RSK 900 Reefer Protein Skimmer Body
1x RSK 900 Reefer Collection Cup with Neck Cleaner
1 Meter RSK 900 Reefer Drain Hose with Valve
1x RSK 900 Reefer Air Silencer with Pump Feed Hose
1x Sicce PSK Pump – Made in Italy

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