About Us

What we really do?


A R Exotics (ARX) is the first marine and planted aquarium specialists store based in the heart of capital Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We cater to a variety of passionate hobbyists, companies and hotels by offering turnkey aquarium solutions from designing, fabricating, installation, and after sales services in Sri Lanka.

Our product range covers a wide variety of exclusive and popular reefing dealerships such as Red Sea USA, Orphek Lighting, Bubble Magus, Triton, Zetlight, Spectra, Seachem, Brightwell Aquatics, Jebao, Hailea, and many other renowned names.

Imports and exports of fresh water fish, saltwater fish and aquatic plants is another division of ARX where some of the most exotic types of fish and invertebrates are made available to both local and international markets at very reasonable prices.

What can we do for you ?

We have a dedicated support team who are happy to help you 24/7 especially when it comes to livestock we are committed to do the very best at our disposal.

We at A R Exotics have some of the best and finest line of marine aquarium products available in the reefing industry. However if you don’t find what you looking for we are happy to bring them for you in the fastest possible time.

We have readily available stocks of most high demand items and niche products which can be delivered anywhere in Sri Lanka within 2 days !

Only experience can do justice to the level of customer care we are committed to offer our hobbyists and companies. We love to have a personal level relationship with our patrons so that we understand their requirements in the best possible way.

ARX History

As cliché as it may sound, as in most aquarium business owner’s story, it all started off with our passion towards having a “saltwater” fish tank which was unheard of in Sri Lanka back in 2014. Where most of the exotic varieties are shipped out form Sri Lankan seas but less than 1% of the locals knew of the existence of such marine aquariums, let alone possessing one! We had to import practically everything except salt! And it all started off there when we got more people in to the hobby as hobbyists do, and ended up brining a lot more stuff for them.

Our Vision

“To be the benchmark of sustainable aquarium solutions provider in Asia”